Housemax International


Construction and Manufacture

In accordance with the client’s or our own proposals, we will calculate, construct, manufacture and assemble structures exactly as requested by the client. As a matter of course we manufacture exactly as ordered, including the spectrum of products from simple structures to the specific structures with strength and working life calculation. Our construction department is able to produce and calculate all the parts and mechanisms of the machines. The company cooperates with leading specialists in the field of technical engineering, machine parts, computer simulations and designs. We are also able to provide strength, dynamic and kinetic analyses of complete machine assemblies.

  • design and consultation of engineering solutions in the field of constructing machine mechanism parts
  • custom-made construction through the latest CAD systems
  • analyses and simulations of kinetic and dynamic range with use of CAD systems
  • design and consultation of manufacture procedures
  • production of components and functional parts and mechanisms of the machine

Fitter’s services

Complete design, manufacture and assembly of:

  • stairways,
  • gates, doors, grates, sliding gates,
  • all types of fitter’s elements,
  • garden houses, winter gardens, bars,
  • fitter’s products in accordance with the client’s proposal,
  • film coulisses.

The HouseMax International Ltd. held “II. International convention about springs and use of software in construction process”,which was attended by leading European specialists in the specific fields.